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Patrick Albert

An entrepreneur, scientist and enthusiastic pioneer Patrick Albert has been a key player at the French and International level in the fields of Object Oriented technologies and Artificial Intelligence. As a founder in 1985 at Bull of the first French industrial Artificial Intelligence Center, then a founder of ILOG, in 1987, his career shows a continuous track of innovation, leadership and industrial success.

As an ILOG founder in charge of Business Rules, Patrick has been leading the scientific and product vision whilst growing the R&D organization to a global team of one hundred and sixty persons spread over Europe, Americas and Asia. Under his leadership, ILOG has developed or acquired a number of innovative products enabling it to become the undisputed worldwide leader in the Business Rules, Optimization and Visualization markets.

Passionate about innovation and technology, Patrick is a member of the program committee of a number of scientific conferences. Working tightly with the Venture Capital community, he has served as a director or advisor of software companies including ILOG. He is currently an advisor of the French National Research Agency for Emergent Technologies. Used to working in an international context at the edge of software technologies, Patrick sees the numerous perspectives and opportunities offered by the raise of Business Logic Automation, at the crossing of Model driven Engineering, Business Processes, Artificial intelligence and Optimization.



Martin Odersky

Martin Odersky is a professor in the programming research group at EPFL. Previously he has held positions at IBM Research, Yale University, University of Karlsruhe and University of South Australia, after having obtained his doctorate in 1989 from ETH Zuerich. He is associate editor of the Journal of Functional Programming and member of IFIP WG 2.8. He is also member of the expert groups JSR 14 and JSR 65 on the future evolution of the Java programming language. Martin's interests cover fundamental as well as applied aspects of programming languages. They include semantics, type systems, programming language design, and compiler construction.

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